Last Sunday, Mani and I went to Lamakaan for a meeting with the atheists. When I told them that I don’t call myself an atheist anymore, Abhishek invited me to the next meet up to talk about it. That “next meetup” happened last Sunday.

Part one: Two kids at Lamakaan

By the time, we reached Lamakaan, everyone has already left. I thought they would be there like we used to before. Anyway, it was our fault that we didn’t go in time for the meetup since we were about two hours late.

Arjun was outside Lamakaan when I called him on the phone. So we went out to see where he is. I spotted him in the middle of the road talking to some guy.

We passed two kids who were asking people for donations for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. They asked Mani to make a donation. Mani refused.

Two kids, a lady and a Friendly policeman.

I greeted my atheist friend Arjun and spoke to him a little bit before I noticed those two kids. I ignored them when I passed them by earlier. Now I noticed them. Mani was talking to the atheists.

“Should we give those kids some cash?” I said to Mani while checking my pockets for cash. I found thirty rupees in my pocket. I said to him, ”I have 30.”

He asked me, “Do you think they will put up an idol of Ganesh for worship?”

I said, “No, but that’s exactly why I want to give them some cash. They will have fun.”

Part Two: The Lady and the Warrior of Nature

Mani laughed. Arjun looked at me in horror as I took thirty rupees from my pocket and gave it to Mani. Mani gave them to those kids.

Meanwhile, a lady walked up to the kids and asked them loudly about where they will buy the idol. The kids didn’t reply. They didn’t think it through.

Then the lady told them about some place in jubilee hills where they can get a Clay Ganesh for free. She gives a brief speech about the environment and pollution before she leaves. May that last part was an exaggeration.

Anyway, I look at Mani and I say, “Did you see what happened?”

He smiled and nodded. I knew that Mani and I were thinking the same. I looked at Arjun with that same smile, he looked confused. So I told him that the lady was virtue signaling.

We were laughing so hard. But that really shook Arjun away. He didn’t recognize the people he once knew. He met the two monsters who weren’t afraid of saying what comes to mind. Sometimes, when I close my eye, I can still see Arjun’s shock.

But all I was saying is that she is a “virtue signaling liberal.” I don’t like them because they give a bad name to liberals.

But that’s not the end of that story.

Part three: The friendly policeman

The very evening, we decided to go visit a friend nearby. We started our journey from Punjagutta to Shaikpet. We followed the GVK ONE Mall road and went straight to Mehadipatnam where we took a right turn to the Old Mumbai Highway towards Shaikpet.

I went straight. I saw a flyover and got on it. There was no board or a warning sign. I realized that something was wrong when the flyover took a turn towards Athapur. That was when I realized that I was on the wrong road.

Hyderabad Elevated Expressway

We were going and going and going, I was looking for an exit or a U-turn of any sort and I can’t see any. But my friend saw a traffic police signal to turn around. He told me about it and I stopped the bike to a side.

My friend went to the police officer to know where to go. Hoping he would help us. My friend signals me and tells me to come close.

The police officer takes my bike keys away and asks me to read a sign. I try to read it. It says that, among other vehicles, bikes aren’t allowed on the expressway. Yes, we got on the Bangalore Expressway. A road I wouldn’t have taken if I had known.

Tvs Apache RTR 160 4V

My bike Ruby.

The police officer asked us why were we there on an expressway. I told him we took a wrong turn while visiting a friend. He asked me where were we going. I told him that we were going from Punjagutta to Shaikpet.

My friend had said the same thing earlier. We said the same thing because we don’t lie and there was no reason to lie. The police officer told me that there would be a fine. I told him I still haven’t got my salary. I asked him if I can pay it online.

He said it’s 1700 and yeah, I can. However, after a nice conversation about what we do at work, he said we can leave using the U-turn exit. We got on the bike but the bike didn’t start. The detour was really long.

I had to switch on the fuel reserve mode to start the bike again. But the bike didn’t start because there was no self-start, even though it is a new bike, because I had to give my battery in the service center for a replacement. Now, the friendly policeman started the bike and gave it to us.

There is hope, you guys.

We went home but I had to refill the fuel. A day well spent.

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