Almost 10000 years ago, in the forests of South India, lived a man called Shiva. He was rumored to live on the mountain called Kailasagiri. He wore tiger skin on his crotch. But that was only during the winter. In summer, he wore nothing.

Before he came to Kailasagiri, there was a tiger who lived in a cave on the mountain. People who lived near the mountain worshipped the tiger. They offered him food, in return, the tiger didn’t kill their kids or ate their livestock. However, the tiger did sometimes kill the kids and the livestock.

Shivaya killed the tiger and took the cave as his own. He skinned the tiger and wore it for warmth. He used the bones to make a weapon. It’s a trident made from the bones of the tiger.

Where has he come from? What does he want to do? The men do not know. While some thanked Shiva for saving them from the tiger, some were afraid of the man who killed the tiger. When men thanked him, he replied the reason for killing the tiger is not to save the people living nearby. He killed the tiger because he wanted the cave.

He meditates on the rock near the cave where the tiger sometimes slept. Shiva sat on the rock with his eyes closed, feeling the passage of time. He hunted animals when he was hungry. When is not hunting animals, he is at the rock on the mountain, watch the world and feeling the passage of time.

Men who lived in the villages nearby believed he could even control time.

This is how the story goes:

One day Shivudu lit a fire on the mountain. The smoke covered the mountain and the forest and all the tribal villages in the forest. The men living in those villages inhaled some of that smoke. It has poison in it. It made everyone lose their mind. There was deafening silence, the tribal men were on the ground, rested and almost sleeping. There are quiet and not moving at all. They can hear the musical screams of harmony and the sound of the moving wind. Nobody was anything. There is no singing or dancing; nor were there any drums. 

The sky was blue and bright. The trees looked like a different kind of green due to the sunlight passing through it. The lighting was brighter. It killed everyone. Their souls left their bodies and transported to heaven. They all remember it happening the same. 

The elders of the tribe saw his friends and family die in front of his eyes. They grew angry and decided to take revenge and get justice for their loved ones. They went to the top of the mountain with weapons and attacked Shiva. But nothing happened to him.

So one of the elders threw her dagger at him. But it didn’t reach him either. Because they are in Kailasagiri. Inside this place, there is a force field filled with the spirit of Shiva. You cant do whatever you please here.

This is not a place for everyone. The sheer power shiva is felt in that smoke field. Shiva then opened his third eye, the elders felt the power of the eye. His eyes were closed except for the third eye. The elders cried about the dead and how Shiva is responsible for it.

Shiva told the elders that those villagers needed a break from their life because they have suffered enough. Shiva said he sent them to heaven for a visit, to give them hope that the heaven exists. Sort of like a preview. They will all come back. 

And so the villagers did come back later that day. They all said the same thing: they visited heaven. Shiva used his powers to stop time and he sent them to the heaven. Shiva is the god of death, they believed.

The men around the villagers were scared of him. But the women had a different story to tell.

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