Yesterday, my friend Mani brought me 20 Shimla apples because he knew I love apples. Why did he did bring me apples? Where did these apples come from?

How I met these apples?

My friend Mani works for a company that buys fresh fruits directly from farmers and sells them to the fruit vendors for a price lesser than the market average and a higher quality. The company is called KrishiYog is an ambitious effort to organizeĀ and clean up the local fruit markets.

They imported these apples from Shimla. What’s great about them? There is no wax on it. Fruit sellers apply wax on apples for longer preservation and a fresh appearance. But the taste is always a little off with waxed apples.

Apples from Shimla

The apples are bigger than they appear in the picture. Even bigger than a cricket ball.

Mani and I talked about this problem even before he joined this company. We talked about going on an fruit, veggies and meat only diet. Try and live life like the primitive man once did before the agricultural revolution.

The apple crates that KrishiYog imported from Shimla were sold out except for a quarter of a crate. It has 60 apples in it. Mani decided to buy them and take them home for an obvious reason – the love of fruits.

He brought me 20 of those apples as a gift. When I opened the box and smelled the apples, my face lit up like a newly installed bulb. An amazing friend he truly is. Thanks, bro!

Where did they go?

I haven’t yet. I ate one last night as soon as my friend left. The picture included in the blog is one apple short 20.

How did they taste? Juicy. As I bit into the sweet red layer, juices filled my mouth. It was so tasty. I can recall the taste as I write this post.

I decided to give some of them away. I know my friend brought them to me with love, for me to eat. But I couldn’t help but share the tasty Shimla apples with my friends. I gave three of them to my neighbor. Another three to my cousin and his family.

When I go to work on Monday, I will share some of them with my colleagues. If you want these apples, please feel free to ask me. I am more than happy to share. But hurry up, before I eat them all. šŸ™‚

Update: I gave some to my friends, I ate most of them, a few to my neighbor and a few to my cousin bro.

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